PR and Media relations

PR is glorified gossiping & we love a good gossip! Tell us your story & not only will we make it newsworthy, but we’ll push it out, & spread it via our engaging, digital outlets.

And not only that, SK can collectively market your brand identity, through curating an effective marketing solution (our PR package) that is efficient & guarantees publicity.

Press and media relations – We build and implement media and PR strategies aimed at increasing brand awareness. So, if you’re just starting off and unsure on how to develop your following, let us handle the reigns, as we simultaneously launch your product & raise your profile – we’ll identify and establish your niche target audience, and expand through projecting your brand across a variety of broadcast platforms, effectively targeting industry professionals, including, trade publications, opinion leads, influences & bloggers.

Social media – With our expert knowledge in gaining interaction & building followings on multiple, crucial social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube, we are confident in creating & refining a custom social media strategy for your brand, directed to appeal to your specific target audience entirely.

Press conferences – Using our event expertise, contacts & creativity, we are able to produce bespoke event launches, announcements & general press conferences, where we invite relevant industry contacts such as press & journalists to give you a platform to project your product. Additionally, we can also provide media training & support if required.

Photo Branding – If you’re in need of audacious, colourful imagery, whether to push out your LIVE event launch, to improve your current online presence, or to draw-in followers – social scrollers of today like an Instagrammable picture – use high-res images captured by one of our freelance & syndicated photographers, to deliver visually-pleasing content.

Media stunts –You name it, we can create it! With a diverse, established portfolio behind us, we have the capability & experience to create an event that guarantees to cause up a stir. From flash-mobs to product drops featuring local DJ’s, we will have the media in attendance and the city talking, faster than you can do the Harlem Shake!

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