Jane – Head of Business Development

Top of the Pecking Order, Head of the Roost, Queen of the Prosecco & always
the Last Man Standing. Alas, do not fear the unstoppable force of Jane – she’s a softy really…

Isabella – Events Manager

The Prinny of the office who isn’t shy of a cheesy croquette. An exuberant socialite
who is partial to a weekend getaway, forget after-work drinks, this one leaves on a
typical Friday afternoon trailing a suitcase.

Kevin – Festival Manager

Meet Kevin – an extremely well-dressed professional events curator … that’s until he
is chucking back a Slingsby Rhubarb Gin. When he’s not looking after the Liverpool
Food and Drink Festival, he’s monitoring his offspring’s Instagram following, the iconic,
Peggy-Sue – @PrinnyPug.

Adam – Event Sales Executive

Adam is very dexterous in juggling the telephone, a plethora of nutritional snacks &
a screwdriver. The office Rambo, Adam’s skillset & capabilities are infinite
– perhaps nuts really do give you superpowers.

Mark – Events Sales Executive

An all-round nice guy, who’s often spotted carrying multiple helpings of free food or
projecting his perfectly pleasant telephone voice. If you’re calling SK, always ask for Mark.

Charlotte – Media Communication Executive

Providing Food Porn one day at a time. Charlotte will lighten up your generic news-feed
with Irish chat & hilarious memes.

Megan – Junior Event Assistant

Hi, I’m Megan, I drink my coffee black & stick my finger in all of the pies. Speaking of savoury,
I am partial to a sausage roll.

Natalie – Media Communication Assistant

A woman of words & snacks. Often spotted devouring her lunch at 9:05 (that’s if she’s not late).

Denise – Director

Unless you’re bearing red wine & nuts, or you’re the World’s fastest talker, Denise does
not have time for you. This bionic deity juggles at minimum, 20 jobs 
at once & thus
has inevitably developed the concentration span of a gnat.

Joy – Office Manager/ PA to Director

When one envisions Joy, one conjures up a magical, eco-friendly woodland
full of singing fuzzy animals & Vegan delights. Emitting good vibes only, Joy brings
multi-tasking, functionality, clock-work & peace-on-earth to SK.