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Isabella – Head of Events

The Prinny of the office who isn’t shy of a cheesy croquette. An exuberant socialite who is partial to a weekend getaway, forget after-work drinks, this one leaves on a typical Friday afternoon trailing a suitcase.

Denise – Director

Unless you’re bearing red wine & nuts, or you’re the World’s fastest talker, Denise does not have time for you. This bionic deity juggles at minimum, 20 jobs at once & thus has inevitably developed the concentration span of a gnat.

Jane – Head of Business Development

Top of the Pecking Order, Head of the Roost, Queen of the Prosecco & always the Last Man Standing. Alas, do not fear the unstoppable force of Jane – she’s a softy really…

Joy – Office Manager

When one envisions Joy, one conjures up a magical, eco-friendly woodland full of singing fuzzy animals & Vegan delights. Emitting good vibes only, Joy brings multi-tasking, functionality, clock-work & peace-on-earth to SK.

Jess – Event Sales Executive

Our office celebrity. Is she even real? This girl’s been on Television, graduated as a certified Mermaid and without fail, shows up to the office, donning six-inch high heels. And what’s most annoying of all? Jess woke up like this.

Mark – Events Sales Executive

An all-round nice guy, who’s often spotted carrying multiple helpings of free food or exerting his perfectly pleasant telephone voice. If you’re calling SK, always ask for Mark.

Louise – Sales Manager

The hectic traffic, never ending post office trips and being a being a mum on call 24/7 cannot bring down Louise’s mood. Prosecco Princess, dog lover (partial to her little Jug, Gordon) and a permanent smile is what makes her Louise, plus a hot choc every now and then. Louise would win Miss Popularity; she always knows someone, who knows someone… you get the picture.

Natalie – Event Sales Executive

Vegan extraordinaire; her knowledge of the Vegan food scene is second to none. Nat is dedicated and hard working, making sure she gets the job done as efficiently as possible (most of the time just get out of her muddy wellies!) Part-time sales lady, part-time cat sitter.

Eve – Digital Marketing Apprentice

Eve has lived in more countries than we have all visited in our lives, it’s a shame her knowledge of food doesn’t match! Much more put together than most 19 year old’s, quiet at first but simley and sarcastic once she gets comfortable.

Tom – Event Sales Executive 

Tom; outgoing and outdoorsy. He is a Vegan, plastic free advocate. Always convincing the office to be as crazy with our spare time as he is with his. Extremely sarcastic, but seems to get away with it because he’s normally overcoming the pain of one of his tropical injections, ready for another adventure.