Bring The Love To Your Valentine’s Event

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year, it’s up there with Halloween & Bon Fire Night. It’s so big that many companies are celebrating an entire weekend dedicated to St. Valentine.

If you’ve left decorating inspiration until last minute, fear not ; we’ve found some really effective & easy ideas that you can use for this season of love!

  1. Make that Prosecco Pop!

This is a simple trick to transform a sparking Ros√© or a glass of Prosecco into a love themed beverage. Add some candy floss to the top of the flute and you’ll be sure to make your attendees smile!


2) Floral Picture Frame 


Create this beautiful feature yourself by adding vines of flowers and wrap them around an ordinary frame. Couples can capture pictures with that little bit extra – they can take the memories of your event home with them!


3) Blowing Kisses – Balloons!


Are all stores out of Valentines Day decorations out of stock? All you need are some white balloons and red lipstick – yes it’s that simple. Blow up the balloons and after applying the lipstick, start kissing. These balloons can be placed all over your space.

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