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About SK Events & PR

Hello, we’re SK Events! We are versatile event-specialists, based in the North West. We pride ourselves in managing and delivering a diverse spectrum of events, of which we bring to life through a variety of shapes and sizes. Our events range from large-scale 40,000-capacity food and drink festivals to culinary feasts for all to enjoy. With Disco concerts,  graduation street parties and retail store openings under our belt, were not ones to shy away from a challenge.

We like to keep our event portfolio as innovative as possible; therefore we are always executing creative ideas and constantly pushing event boundaries. SK Events are known to manipulate typical event spaces to reflect our client’s identity. Simultaneously drawing audiences in and creating business traffic through exciting, innovative displays. We take an ordinary location and transform it into a fully-functional operation (using our trusty, Space Knowledge – hence our name, SK Events!)

What we offer

Our primary goal is to supply and deliver bespoke event solutions. Locally & nationally we offer events that are of exceedingly high quality, which provide traffic and engagement. Each and every event that is taken on by us is tackled passionately and approached as a custom, specialised project. We are a group of dedicated professionals. Who each, individually possess passion, vision and extensive knowledge in event management and business development. We are nothing less than extraordinary and clearly, very modest too! At SK Events, we simply love what we do!

From the initial brief to project execution and completion, SK Events will work closely with you to market your brand and achieve your desired outcome. Most importantly, your event will be bespoke to suit your company’s wants and needs. We have an outstanding history in event organisation and management. With connections nationally, we promise to put on an event that will go above and beyond what is asked of us. Above all, our passion is what we do, meaning we do what we love!

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